Malachite: a Semiprecious Stone Associated with Properties in Mineralogy

The pharaohs bordered their hats with it to be hit by higher wisdom. According to the mineralogy Malachite is infact a powerful stones with magical powers of protection. It is often used to realize talismans, invested with beneficial energies. It gives strength and inner balance, brings clarity to the mind and is able to absorb the negative energy, protecting against harmful influences.

The Malachite, for its beautiful green color and its rarity, in the course of time was used to make jewelry or stunning architecture as the beautiful columns of malachite in St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the coverings of Winter Palace in St. Petersburg.

In works carried out by Baldi craftsmanships malachite is engraved as mosaic according to ancient tradition.
To realize a table or a bathtub in malachite is a long, patient, expert work where every single piece is engraved and set with extreme  precision resulting in beautiful natural design.  In furnishing malachite is often embellished with hand-chiseled.