Macef: L’Opera Italiana

Macef 2013
This year Baldi will join the newly inaugurated Opera Italiana, in Milan (January 24th/27th), and our attention will consequently move from Paris to Milan.

Opting for a fresh new choice, Baldi has the objective to display something unseen, both in terms of format and product. In fact recent Bespoke pieces designed by Luca Bojola and outstanding collections will be shown side by side with the Design Lab of the University of Florence, ideally continuing the close collaboration inaugurated with Baldi in 2012.

An event focused on design could not be anywhere else than in Milan and Baldi, together with Fendi Casa, …. and other brands believes in the potential of this newborn show, which we would like to experience with you.

So you are invited to visit our stand in the hall 1, stand A/15, B/18

See you at Opera Italiana!