A New Community and an Exclusive Luxury Magazine

Elegance and style, beauty and craftsmanship, art and tradition, creativity and exclusivity. All that is part of the tradition Baldi Home Jewels, inspires the new BBSPIRIT, a luxury magazine designed by Baldi to be distributed in its international boutique and large hotels of international luxury. BBSPIRIT is dedicated to customers Baldi to share with them a window on Italian Luxury Style, on that world where Baldi Home Jewels is a protagonist with his own unique creations. Already from the first issue presented during Salone del Mobile in Milan, the BBSPIRIT is the plumbing that connects the many different facets of beauty, from the glitz of the megayacht by Mondomarine, the charm of the villas on the hills of Chianti, the most exclusive mansions and hotels and the beauty of jewelery, clothes and haute couture creations. The Italian style becomes the prospect of a coherent world of luxury and sophistication.