The Courage to Realize a Dream. Conversation with Luca Baldi

Luxury, passion, enthusiasm and the importance to believe in something special and unique. We are so proud of a tradition in the craftmanship of semi precious stones that has its roots in the Renaissance workshops. What legacy could be more beautiful?

At the Salone del Mobile 2012, we sold the third rock crystal bathtub designed by Luca Bojola, a stunning piece from the value of one million euros, which has attracted international media attention and hundreds of visitors surprised to see it realized.

Realizing the Rock Crystal Bathtub was indeed an extraordinary adventure, in which we believed from the beginning.  It would not be possible without a special spirit to face the unknown and something not yet ever made.

The first author of this project is Luca Baldi, our Ceo manager capable of great visions and dreams.
He has been interviewed exclusively for BBSpirit by the blogger Beatrice Doria and he tells us some more details about this fantastic project.